Gygaxia is an ancient, mysterious world where civilization is rising out of the ashes of war.


It is the year 0090AC (Apres le Compte). The armies of Gaullead met their final defeat nearly a hundred years ago – however, despite the Kingdoms of Heaven being shut, man and monster have waged a fierce war to determine who will reign in the absence of the Old Titans. The Titans time upon Gygaxia has left the lands fused, and ensorceled with ancient magics. Whoever does conquer will also have to deal with a land as dangerous as any military rival, as the tombs, crpyts, dungeons, even the very forests of Gygaxia resonate with the primordial powers that are the legacy of the Titans.

Ensorceled Caverns

Gygaxia, still, is a land of opportunity – for not all magics are dark, and not all dungeons and crypts empty wastelands. For the intrepid adventurer, with a heart full of courage, a quick mind and wit, and a little bit of divine luck, Gygaxia offers limitless chances for glory, fame, and wealth.


The campaign of Gygaxia is a revisiting of some of the darker worlds of swords and sorcery, high adventuring, and heroic fantasy – through a bit of a postmodern lens. Gygaxia will serve as the setting we’ll use to play Classic 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons modules, from The Tomb of Horrors to the Against the Giants/Descent/Demonweb Pit series. Emphasis is placed on creative role-and roll-playing, where characters are encouraged to evolve, grow, and shape the world of Gygaxia. However, Gygaxia is a dangerous world – and not one for the timid of heart. Casualties and attrition are facts of life in Gygaxia, and an adventurer must rely heavily on wits, experience, and often the better part of valor if she wants to survive. Little quarter is given, but the rewards are considerable.

The world will unfold to players throughout the campaign, but for now, our intrepid band of adventures is about to arrive at “Kendall Keep,” the immortal Keep on the Borderlands, a small, forgotten fortress in the kingdom of Arnesonne. Years ago, it was a bustling military base that served as training grounds of sorts for the novice adventurer, but our new band of heroes is about to discover that times have, most certainly, changed…

Your First Adventure Lies Here. And downward...


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