Notes on the Campaign


This is just a few quick notes about the campaign, and the overall tone.

Gygaxia is the context for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign using First Edition rules. The first adventure planned is the TSR module, “Return to the Keep on the Borderlands.” This introductory module is presented in the hopes of getting characters up to speed with the world and as a refresher for the First Edition rule set.

After “Return to the Keep on the Borderlands,” the plan for the campaign will be to play all the classic D&D modules of the Gygax era: especially Tomb of Horrors and the GDQ (Against the Giants/Descent/Demonweb Pits) Supermodule. Who knows how far we’ll get, but it should be a fun, somewhat nostalgic romp through the early 80s fiction and fantasy milieux of our youth.

The world is somewhat pliable and should evolve with the campaign, but it is basically a refelction of ourselves – it is a world that was previously a 70s style Sword & Sorcery world (think Conan the Barbarian, Dragonslayer) revisited with a more mature approach – now, tempered with a more Tolkien/J.K. Rowling type outlook on fantasy. A postmodern adventure.

The one thing that PCs should realize is that many of these modules, and certainly the rule set, are meant to be challenging – the game allows players to advance in experience and develop their characters, however, it expects a level of concentration unusual for the modern day RPG. Dungeons and adventures are less experiences to move through, than challenges to attack and defeat. Modules such as “Tomb of Horrors” were in fact designed to humble adventures that the old designers thought were getting too arrogant.

In this context, power gaming is both good and bad. You will need to pay some attention to the very flexible and unrestrictive rule set to find advantages, but you will find the most effective way to advance is to worry less about the rules and more about how to survive in this world. In this campaign, your own wits and intelligence and creative solutions are more likely to rescue you from a nefarious trick or trap than a saving throw (or feat, or skill, or power).

As the DM, I’ll keep updating this page on thoughts or areas where we will differ from the basic 1st Edition ruleset. Check back from time to time!

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Notes on the Campaign

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