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In AD&D, gametime is divided into Turns, Rounds, and Segments.

One Turn = 10 Minutes
there are 10 rounds in a turn
One Round = 1 Minute
there are 10 segments in a round
One Segment = 6 Seconds

There are three main encumbrance levels that PCs in Gygaxia can be:
The first is Normal/Light Gear, 35-69# of gear.
The second is Heavy Gear, 70-105# of gear.
The third level is Encumbered, which is over 105# of gear.
PCs will have their strength taken into account to possibly alter when a character must move slower or is encumbered, though you must be carrying less than 70# of equipment to be considered in “Light Gear,” regardless of attributes.

The Normal Movement able for the various stages of encumberance are as follows:
Normal/Light Gear moves 120’ per round and 12’ per segment (combat).
Heavy Gear moves 90’ per round and 9’ per segment.
An encumbred character moves 30’ per round and 3’ per segment.

The PC party can move as fast as its slowest member, and is either 12 miles/12hours, 9 miles/12 hours, or 3 miles/12 hours.

Fleeing (Top Speed) When fleeing, the party’s base rate of movement is multiplied by 10. (ie 90’ feet is now traversed in one segment/6 seconds, and 900’ in round/one minute). As a general rule, this rate of movement can be maintained for as many rounds as the consitution of the player fleeing, or the rank of the PC with the lowest constitution if the party is fleeing en masse.

If the pursuing party is able to close within 10’, an encounter is (re)established for the slowest member of the party.

Level Advancement
PCs will advance according to the chart for their character class. They cannot “level up” in the field, nor at a camp in the wilderness, but must train to level up. Although 1E does list the rate to train for a level up at 1500 GPs, in Gygaxia, this fee is negotiable upon finding a trainer (and, will likely be significantly less for lower level characters). However, it does take a week to train to the next level.

Death, Dying, Resurrection
Characters at 0 hit points are unconscious. They lose a hit point every round until another PC (or ally, henchment, hireling) can stabilize them. At -10, the PC is pushing up the medieval daisies, and their only hope lies with an extremely high level priest/cleric. They must be healed, magically or otherwise, to a positive number, before they are conscious.

Quick Rules Page

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