Travel to the Keep

Keep on the Borderlands

The Keep on the Borderlands. You have heard of a distant keep in the southeastern edge of Arnesonne, a strange bastion of civilization on brutal borders of the wastelands to the East. You’re not exactly sure what has called you here, perhaps a desire to get away from the warfares that have plagued the Empire of Faucon Gris to the north, or even escaping the metropolitan bustle of Arnesonne’s capital city of Zebaille.

You have heard stories of the Keep, you have heard of how brave adventures before you, before and after Le Compte, have traveled to its fabled gates in search of treasure and experience. You’ve even heard of its stewart, Lord Macsen Wledig, and his heroic exploits. You have heard the old rumours of monsters in the wood, in nearby dungeons, in dark labyrinths nearby, but what is fact and fiction, is this where you will find glory…or your doom?

Out here on the perimeter, where your only neighbors are the agrarian communities trying to survive in a land so fused with magical energy it seems their very crops turn against them, are you looking for adventure, ancient histories and legends to be revealed, to solve antiquated mysteries, search for buried loot or magical items, to defend – or exploit – the simple people on the Borderlands…? Ahead in the distance, twin lanterns cast light into the deepening twilight as you climb the road to the fabled keep…

Travel to the Keep

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