Josephine, the human Paladin of Cislew Ghyselbrecht the Rogue/Magic User Elf Magdaleine the Fighter/Thief Gnome Null Pa-trice the human Cleric of Einlein Ignatus human fighter (bard)

Arrive in keep, questioned as to purpose, cross draw bridge.

Woman scrutinizes us… Sabina, the gatekeeper. No stabbing, brawling, stay out of trouble. Ghyselbrecht asks about the bar. She says stay or eat at the Green Man Inn, ask old Wilf why it’s called that. One-Eyed Cat is the tavern. They have a wharehouse and a stables. They aren’t too keen on Einlein, they have a priest named Abercrombie who worships Yrubdarb. They ask about adventure. She says there are a series of caves to the Northwest called the Caves of Chaos. First adventuring party in a while. Have had some strange visitors lately…you should meet “Third”. Talk to Cobb if looking for adventure, but we like it quiet.

Door slides open. We walk past stables, warehouse, houses, stores, Tavern and Inn. We go into the Tavern. It’s one story, 5 feet of stone, then wood with thatched roof. Five or six tables. It’s late afternoon, overcast and grey. Bartender with greyish white beard and a slight blonde serving girl. One table with an older man, been drinking a bit by himself, mumbling by himself. Another table has a young man and a young woman conversing, seem familiar and laughing. Third table has a woman with long black hair, slight build, dark alert eyes, amber cloak draped over chair…looks like she comes from somewhere else, doesn’t look like a farmer. She’s drinking a bottle of wine by herself. Other table has a woman who stiffens and moves when we come in. She’s 6ft tall, wearing leather armor, some metal, curly hair and metal mask over her face. Moves towards the door almost looks like a guard.

Girl seats us, mask woman is watching us the whole way. Blond girl sits down, ask her about mask woman. She says, “That is Third, she’s been here just under a week. Staying here. Noone knows where she came from, why she’s here. She just shows three fingers all the time. Second night she was here, Neep and one of the Jarl boys got in a nasty fight, and she got between them and calmed down the situation. Wilf has let her stay at the inn. Caves aren’t what they used to be. When Lord Mason was here, we had adventurers every week. No one’s gone up there in two or three years. She says, “But I’ll tell you, I’ve seen something….I call it the ‘shy tower’. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t see it….it’s on a hill over the keep. Guy she dated went up there and didn’t come back. Amber cloak girl came yesterday…queer sort. We get a round of mead. The old guy is named Potemkin…been here forever. Might have started up the keep with Lord Mason. Sweet old man and always pays for his mead.

Talk to Third, she seems interested in joining our party to fight. Ignatus goes to talk to old guy. Remembers when laid first brick at the keep. Remember when Lord Mason went away to rescue Cameron Casteau. He says he’s looking for his father, his name was Bigus. Putnik says to speak to Devereau. He says he’s been drinking too much. If you’re looking for a wizard, you should talk to the schoolmaster.

Null goes to talk to the Amber cloaked woman. She asks if we’re adventurers and says people haven’t been coming in years. She says she’s on a bit of a quest herself, apprenticed to a great wizard. They’re sick of the way magic has infused this land. They are committed to executing every evil creature in this land. She’s here because these people need them to clean up the sickness the pervades the area. She will go to the caves soon, but can’t go by herself. She says she doesn’t know how to get there herself, but she knows someone who knows the way. Null invites her to join the group. She stands up and introduces herself as Aseneth. Third slumps by the door. Null invites Third over. She cocks her head at Aseneth a little. Aseneth says she has a map that she found on a dead body that shows where the caves are. She says she heard there are spiders in the wood…giant spiders. Caves to Northwest.

Talk about getting a room. We can stay on a pallet for a silver piece, 2 silver for a dry pallet & blanket, gold a piece for the inn. Bartender, Wilf, comes over. “Welcome to Kendall Keep, it’s good to have adventurers under our roof… Remember that the caves of chaos are not to be travelled lightly.”



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