Notes 10/22/09

We decide to go back to the keep for Ghyselbrecht to recover since he’s still wounded. HaQaRa says he wants to stay in the wilderness and he’ll meet up with us later.

We go back along the road and skirt the river and woods. Hear voices in the forest. Arrive at a long spiral Northern Road that leads back to the keep. Greeted by the two guards, grunt and lower the bridge. Get to Sabine, says it sounds like Kobolds. Tells us to check in with Abercrombie. Opens door.

We decide to take Ghyselbrecht to the Chapel. 60ft long, 60ft tall. Fairly opulent. Impressive alter, religious scenes. Staircase on side that leads down, man walks towards us. 6’3, red robe, blue vestements with symbols. Asks if he’s OK, brings us downstairs. Lays Ghyselbrecht down in his bed. Magdeleine stays with him at the chapel.

We walk into the Inn. Enomously overweight human walks up to us. Grossly overweight, extremely attractive women hanging on his arms. Puts out a hand, “The Heros have returned!” Puts out a hand, introduces himself as Mendel. Invites us to a table, buys a round of Ale. Caravan trader, just came in. Flatters us…bla bla bla. Jess (serving girl) rolls her eyes. Guy buys us a room for the week. Man and woman come over, both 6’1 or so. Bodyguards.

Ghyselbrecht talks to Abercrombie about Yrubdarb and how he was supposed to be a priest of him. Clear he was praying to someone else too.

Ingatus inquires about sages/lore. They suggest talking to the new baker. Southern side, modest dwellings. We find the baker. He’s got short cropped brown hair, young, excited to see us. Wearing a necklace with symbol (holy). Welcomes us in. A young girl rolling dough behind him. Introduces us to his apprentice, Jen… 17 years old. He’s maybe early 30s. He introduces himself as Brother Martin. Ghyselbrecht introduces himself as a staunch follower of Einlein. Recently relocated to the keep. Been here about two years. He’s been around. Tells us to be careful of Kobold traps. Ask him about the egg, show it to him.

Eyes light up, takes a step back. Asks where it came from and says it’s more mysterious and dangerous than we thought. Then says, this is the egg of a dragon. Looking at a small fortune. Brother Martin offers to join our party.

Confrontation with Aseneth. Josephine basically says she can sense the friends of her god and Aseneth is not a friend of my god. Aseneth spits at Josephine’s feet and stomps off and says we’ll regret it. We go back to Null Pa-trice to give her the egg to watch. We stop at Inn, Jess gives Brother Martin an uncomfortable hug. She tells him to be careful. Aseneth in the corner glaring at us, especially Josephine.

Go to quartermaster (Jed) supply, waiting for us is two weeks of rations and some water. Mendel paid for everything. Get another 10 foot pole and head back to caves. We skirt between forest and river. Hear humanoid voices, in halfling, muttering. ...there’s a lot of them. “Need t get back, full report.”

Ghyselbrecht and Magdeleine hide in bushes. Josephine calls out in halfling, “Lo, who goes there?” Hear a lot of rustling in bushes, then nothing. Thieves move in the direction of the rustling, quietly. Don’t find anything, they go in different directions off to the side, then head back. Magdeleine sees for a second, a halfling looking back behind. They catch each other’s eye, then halfling is gone, running to the east.

We take our weapons out and head forward more cautiously. Head down road, see woman lying in road in pool of her own blood, two arrows sticking out of her. Ignatus says it’s a trap! Her head tilts up and she says, “Help me, there were bandits.” Draw weapons and approach slowly. Gmone moves into the grass. Group of humans raise up, scruffy looking highwaymen. Swords pointing at Magdeleine. They say, “We’ve heard about you. You’re the hero’s of the keep! Look, we have no interest in harming you, but you do need to pay the toll.” Ask about an egg… says to give our valuables. Ignatus looks about to charge at arrow dudes and motions to Ghyselbrecht.

Ghyselbrecht casts sleep at the archer guys and they fall asleep. Magdeleine stabs the guy directly in front of her and misses. One guy turns towards Magdaleine and one hits, she takes a sword slash. Brother Martin moves over to other guy. Josephine swipes at the woman in the road and misses. Ignatus attacks one of sword guys and misses.

Magdaleine tries to stab guy in front of her again and hits. Ignatus tries for the sword guy again, hitting his neck and he falls down. Josephine misses the woman again. Magdaleine gets hit again, the other misses Brother Martin. Ghyselbrecht moves to the Magdaleine/Martin group. Third screams “Maruta!” and swings at woman, digging deep in midsection, then slides off her blade in a heap.

Magdaleine stabs the guy again and takes a chunk of his face off. Ignatus runs over to other group. Ghyselbrecht misses, Josephine moves to the other side of guy attacking Magdaleine. The highwaymen start to run away. Magdaleine takes one down with her sling and stone. One is running off, “Please! Let us alone! Sorry!”

The thief starts to tie up a thief and Ignatus moves to kill the other guy. Magdaleine follows highwaymen and heading towards swamp. He dives into swamp, bubbles rise up around him and water turns red. We turn around and head back. Josephine is indignant.

Other guy wakes up… Ask him how he knew about the egg. He says, “You think this is the extent of us?...Er..I mean, we’re all dead.” They all have shortswords and shortbows. Guy won’t tell us who he heard the rumors from. He heard it in the keep, but won’t tell us who he heard it from. Brother Martin notices a tattoo on the left of the guy’s neck. Martin starts laughing, this is Jental, he used to live in the keep. Evidently, Jenn did spill the info about the egg. The woman in the middle of the road used to be in the military garrison. Brother Martin breaks the guys fingers with his mace and suggests we let him go. We do and move on to the valley of the caves.

We decide to go into another cave…the closest one on the west. This cave is a little larger than the kobold cave. Rough cave gives way to worked stone, divides in three. Straight -> 30ft, door, one angles to left, one goes 20ft to right and ends in a T. Muddy floor shows bare humanlike feet tracks. Head towards the left, Magdaleine checks for traps. Goes 30ft SE, branches E 20ft, continues S 20ft into a larger room directly to the east. Magdaleine sees a chest at the end of the corridor. We head towards the room… We can see movement in the room beyond. We stop about 20ft away. Magdaleine moves up silently to scout and peeks in. She sees several (6) green skinned humanoids in crude armor and clothing. 4-5ft tall, playing tug-of-war. One insults other in goblin. She glances around the room (20ft x 30ft) can’t see far end, but a chalk line has been drawn down and they are playing tug of war across it. There’s a barrel with some crude mugs, another barrel that has broom handles sticking out. Five playing tug o war, 6th leaning against wall, drinking from mug. She comes back and informs us.

Brother Martin quickly casts Bless before we run in. We run up, Magdaleine losses her sling at one. Ghyselbrecht hits a goblin in the end through the eye and topples him. Magdaleine hits the same one again. One attacking third misses, one attacking Brother Martin misses, one on Josephine misses. One on Ignatus misses. One drinking grabs a spear and moves towards Ignatus. Third misses. Ignatus moves to strike, misses badly. Ghyselbrecht shoots at running guy, misses and draws his sword. Brother Martin smacks one with his quarterstaff and makes one stumble back. Josephine lops off one’s left hand.

Ghyselbrecht squeezes into melee range. One on third misses, one on Martin misses, one one Josephine smacks her with a slash. Two on Ignatus barely miss. Josephine whiffs. Martin misses, Third misses. Ignatus trips and misses.

Ghyselbrecht makes with stabbing and gets a scratch. Josephine misses. One on Brother Martin hits. One on Josephine misses, one on Ignatus hits and with a slash. Magdaleine misses. Ignatus hits and takes on down. Third misses.

Magdaleine stabs guy in front of her, “Your mother was pink!” and misses. Josephine misses. Ghyselbrecht misses. Bro. Martin misses. One on third misses, one on Martin hits, he’s still barely standing. One on Ignatus misses, Ignatus misses. Ghyselbrecht misses.

Magdaleine finally stabs him with the dagger and he falls, “Your sister sleeps with Kobolds!” Josephine misses. Ghyselbrecht hits and knocks him down, hacking into his midsection. One goes to run away. Third hits and does a wound. Br. Martin misses, Josephine misses. Ghyselbrecht hits one running, Ignatus misses. They run up the stairs to the south. Ghyselbrecht chases, Ignatus chases, Josephine chases, Magdaleine chases. Third chases screaming Maruda, Br. Martin stays in the back, but follows.

We run up the stairs at top speed. Ghyselbrecht trips and Ignatus jumps over a wire. Ignatus sees them at the end of a landing, more stairs and a door. They’re headed for the door and start banging on it. Third and Ignatus charge to attack. Monsters bang, Ignatus misses, Third misses. Door shakes, but it’s not opening. A voice yells “Forget it!”

Goblins back up to door, quivering. Magdaleine asks, “Who’s back there?” They say, “An army!” “With one voice?” “Any army of voices!” “You’ll die!”

Third kills one. Ignatus kills the other. They loot the bodies, Ghyselbrecht cuts the trip wire. We go back. They have crude short swords. 5 copper. Move back, find 13 more copper. Magdaleine takes the 20ft rope. One barrel has spears, one is 2/3 full of groggy ale.

We head back to the room with the chest. It seems uncannily dark. Has heavy lock etc. Ghyselbrecht realizes the chest it trapped. There’s a lever and wire. Ghselbrecth and Magdaleine both try to disable the trap. Magdaleine easily cuts the wire which leads to the entrance to the cave. Ghyselbrecht lets Magdaleine open the chest. Inside is a folded piece of paper. Magdaleine picks it up and tries to read it. It says “Briarch”, which means, “Ha ha, screw you, idiot.”

We head back towards cave entrance and go towards door. There seems to be a religious goblin glyph on the door. Magdeleine looks for traps, she doesn’t notice any. Ghyselbrecht checks and doesn’t find anything, Magdaleine listens and doesn’t hear anything. Ignatus tries to open the door, hear a bunch of gears, 20ft behind us a portculus slams shut, locking us in. Door opens to a stone wall.

People try to open the bars. Ghyselbrecht tries to lift by himself. We hear voices, Magdaleine knows they are goblin. Magdaleine investigates the trap to see if she can undo it. She figures out there is a small chance to pull the weight to the other side. They flip the weight enough to raise it 3 feet up. Josephine and Ignatus slip through.

Eight goblins come running up, they all have spears. Third holds up door, Magdaleine and Br. Martin go through. Martin holds door and Third and Ghyselbrecht come through next time. Josephine and Ignatus close and miss. Everyone gets through and portcullis slams shut. Ignatus hits for a scratch. Br. Martin moves up. Josephine misses. Third moves in. Br. Martin gets hit. Bunch of misses, one hits Josephine, on scratches Ignatus. Magdaleine misses.

Ghyselbrecht moves up and hits one. Magdaleine misses. Third screams and hits one for a scratch. Br. Martin misses. Ignatus misses. Josephine beheads one in a single blow.

Magdaleine swishes. Br. Martin clocks one in the gut. Ghyselbrecht misses. Third takes one out in the midsection. Josephine hits one that Ghyselbrecht hit, very injured. Ignatus takes one out. Two goblins who weren’t in melee turn around and run off. Br. Martin gets hit again, but still standing. Other two miss.

Magdaleine stabs the injured one and takes him down. Ignatus and Josephine take down the ones who are running away. Search the bodies and we run out to head back towards the keep. 16 copper pieces and a bunch of spears.

Afi gets extra XP. Everyone else will get XP next time.



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