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The following is an evolving list of the deities of Gygaxia.

Gygaxian Gods

Abandoned Gygaxia

Lord of the Gods: Yrubdarb
A Neutral God, who is at turns frightening and benevolent, Yrubdarb was the main target of Gaullead’s revolution, because he had been the dominant ruler of Gygaxia, walking the land as king.

God of the Realms of the Arcane: Vance
Vance is a Lawful Neutral God that is a master of all of the magical, positive and negative, material planes of Gygaxia. He has also forsaken Gygaxia, though particularly devout followers can sometimes bend his ear, as he is prone to persuasion through flattery. Power is his primary motivation, as are his followers, who are rarely clerics, but often wizards and sorcerers. He is associated with the Sun.

God of Paladins: Neiklot
A Lawful Good God, Neiklot is the God of Paladins, and disdainful of man’s rebellion against the Gods has turned his back on Gygaxia. Paladins in Gygaxia at one time were all obedient to him, but now are forced to follow Cislew for their divine powers.

God of Love: Ozenson
The Chaotic Good of Love, Ozenson is torn between his commitment to the people of Gygaxia and his own feelings of betrayal from Gaullead’s rebellion. A truly benevolent God, Ozenson was at one time the most loved and cherished God of the old pantheon.

God of Power: Rrartin
A Neutral Evil God, Rrartin and his followers are consumed with a quest for discovering power in all its forms, magical and wordly. His quest is only to rule.

God of the Dead: Varleptchof
The Lawful Evil God of Death, Varleptchof is happy to let the people of Gygaxia burn and fill the empty halls of his underworld. Necromancers, who surprisingly have flourished in his absence, still worship him, and his abandonment on Gygaxia has not been completely absolute – not to his disciples. They must prove themselves to him before he will grant them power, and is careful to keep these alliances secret from other Gods. Varleptchof’s ruthlessness is only matched by his cruelty.

Sympathetic Gods

Queen of the Gods: Ursula
The Lawful Neutral wife of Yrubdarb, she is the goddess of the hearth, home, the matron and mother. Although she has a hatred of Gaullead and his followers, she does not blame all of Gygaxia for his rebellion. Her church is not as widespread as it was Avant Le Compte (before the reckoning). Yrubdarb does not approve of her continuing to help Gygaxians.

God of Nature & Animals: Perseagle
A Neutral Good God, Perseagle is a kindly and benevolent God (in the St. Francis of Assissi model) who watches over Nature and Animals. He did not take sides in Le Compte, though he views the brutality of nature as unavoidable (and in some ways oddly beautiful) he abstains, and can rarely condone, violence. He can be a choice for Druids, though Druids may find themselves at odds with his commitment to Good.

God of Rogues & Trickery: Frieber
A Chaotic Neutral God, Frieber is not a political God, and fought against Gaullead reluctantly merely to keep his place among the Gods. He is happy to help disciples, and although respects Yrubdarb’s authority, doesn’t like it.

God of War: Etrebor
The Chaotic Neutral God of War, it was Etrebor who personally defeated Gaullead. He is still concerned in some of the affairs of Gaullead because he is personally committed to seeing any vestige of Gaullead’s rebellion crushed. He is not a particulary faithful God, or moved by devotion, but does appreciate fellow soldiers.

God of the Arts: Jakowlen
A Chaotic Good God, Jakowlen is the patron God of music, poetry, painting and sculpture of Gygaxia. She was neutral in the War, while tacitly supporting Yrubdarb, and openly continues to support her disciples.

God of Order: Cislew
A Lawful Good God who fought ferociously and bitter against Gaullead, he has not turned his back on Gygaxia, fearing that his old rival, the God of Chaos, Bansiank, would fill the vacuum of power. He is now the only spiritual choice for Paladins, as Nieklot no longer recognizes Gygaxia, its people or its defenders.

God of Chaos: Bansiank
A Chaotic Evil God, Bansiank is the God of Power, Greed, Corruption and Chaos. He marginally helped fight Gaullead, but could never completely turn from the power he once enjoyed over the mortals of Gygaxia. He is a vicious and jealous Gods, but can bestow significant power to his believers.

God of Balance: Poul
A True Neutral God, Poul was completely neutral in the War of the Reckoning. Though pressed by many of his fellow gods to abandon Gygaxia, he monitors the balance of power between Cislew and Bansiank, and could not completely forsake the ancient Druid Clans of Gygaxia.

Underground Gods

Gaullead is not a God, however, his rebellion against the established pantheon of Gods during Le Compte, has established a cult dedicated to his memory and inspiration. With his defeat, however, and many of the sympathetic Gods openly hostile to the memory of Gaullead, his religion has been forced into various levels of secrecy. In some distant lands, his church flaunts their beliefs, their lack of stature can be ignored by the Gods.

Goddess of the Arcane: Marzimley
Marzimley is the Chaotic Neutral Goddess of Magic. At one time, she was the wife of Vance, but broke with him and joined the armies of Gaullead, as she had always chafed under the rule of Yrubdarb. As Vance is associated with the Sun, and primordial power – she is associated with the Moon.

God of Truth: Einlein
Einlein is the Neutral Good God of the Truth. Having a natural affinity for questioning authority, he joined Gaullead and has subsequently been severely punished by the Gods. Mages, illusionists and those who seek the truth are natural followers of Einlein.

Goddess of the Dead: Ylvia
A mortal seduced and then discarded by Varleptchof, she was able to steal some of his power, setting herself up as a Goddess, and the other Gods have accepted her, begrudgingly as such. She is Lawful Good, and a patron Goddess of the Hunt, the Scythe, and the Bitter Harvest. She has been cast down after her allegiance with Gaullead, but retains her power, and is the only remaining God who still travels Gygaxia, usually appearing in an animal form, or discreetly as a wandering traveler.

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