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d20 How to Create Your Gygaxian Hero! (...or villain.) d20

Character Creation in Gygaxia follows the Character Creation rules in the 1st Edition AD&D book pretty closely, with a few minor adjustments. Follow along!

Step One: Attributes. Roll your attributes. The system we’ll use is simple – Roll 3d6, six times for each major attribute: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma, and select the best score for each, going down the list – in order.

Step Two: Choose a Race. You may have to adjust your starting attributes. Disregard any limitations based on sex (Gygaxian women are all liberated.)

Races, giggle!

Step Three: Choose a Class. Now, it’s time to choose a class – and 1e is a bit limiting here. Class and racial limitations will be followed – mostly – if you have any questions, or would like to bend the rules a bit, ask the DM. So he can say no. You can always downgrade to match a race or class, btw, without asking (ie, you want to be a race who can’t have 18 Str, it’s ok to drop down.)

GM: Yes, Bards (in the back of the PHB) are allowed. And yes, you must meet the minimum requirements to become some of the “rarer classes” (ie, Ranger, Druid, Monk), but you can choose your race to meet one of those requirements if you’d like.

Please click on the following pages to read any relevant notes about the following classes in the land of Gygaxia: Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Magic User, Illusionist, Cleric, Druid, Thief, Bard, Assassin, Monk.

Step Four: Character Sheet. It’s time to print out your character sheet. Use the layers on the PDF to customize for the class you’ve chosen.

Step Five: Choose Your Alignment. This must be based on class (and racial) restrictions clearly laid out in the PHB. Alignment is especially important to Paladins, Clerics, Druids, and Monks who follow either a very specific moral path or deity. Important Note: There are no Alignment Languages in Gygaxia. Seriously, it’s just a silly idea.

Alignment Chart Old School

Step Six: Character’s Hit Points. Magic-Users, and any other class that has a d4 hit die, starts off with 4 hit dice, no need to roll. Every other class rolls once for their hit points, if you do not like this first roll, YOU CAN ROLL AGAIN, but if you choose to, you must accept the second roll. It’s a tough world.

Step Seven: Choose Your Languages. This will be based on you intelligence scores and modifiers. This is actually a fairly important decision, and one you should make based on the character that is evolving as you create her/him/it.

Step Eight: Fund, Equip Your Character, and Choose Your Weapon Proficiencies. Roll your starting wealth, which, because this is First Edition, will not be much, and use the equipment chart to choose what equipment you’ll start out with. You can disregard the rules about waiting until you reach town – or in this case, a keep – no matter where you’re coming from, you would’ve needed to gear up before you reached “Kendall Keep.” We are using Weapon Proficiencies, so check the rules here, and make you sure are proficient in the weapon(s) you buy, so as to not suffer a penalty in combat.


Step Nine: Check for Psionics. One of the beauties of 1st Edition is the rare chance your character can psionically attack! Page 110 of the PHB will explain the roll. Good luck!

Step Ten: Name Your Character. If your character is relatively local, I might suggest something that sounds slightly french, as that is what many of the local towns and cities will be named, and many NPCs, although the folks at “Kendall Keep,” have fairly fantasy anglican names (they’re travelers). If you’re not local, be creative! No, Drizz’t is off-limits.

Step Eleven: Fill Out Your Sheet and Develop Your Backstory. The DM has your saving throw numbers and will be happy to give them to you so he doesn’t have to track them himself. Fill out any remaining information on your character. If you’d like, the DMG has some pretty cool tables for figuring out your character’s age, and will be happy to let you at them, if you would like to roll them up. This is also the time when you need to begin developing the backstory for your character…First you should read the Travel to the Keep story before deciding why you would take this trek, and converse with your fellow partymembers on how you all came to travel together.

Your character is now complete. Welcome to Gygaxia!

Character Creation Page

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