Magic User

Magic User

You are a Magic-User. A suitably dangerous character at higher levels, you will need to stay far from harm’s way in your first adventures.

Two notes about being a Mage in Gygaxia:

1. You do not choose your starting spells. They will be handed to you as a gift from the Wizard you apprenticed with. These will be 5 spells in addition to Read Magic, which will be passed down to you. 4 will be randomly chosen, the 5th will be based on what type of Wizard your old master was. Depending on how you craft your history, and how you describe your old master, the DM will choose the suitably correct fifth spell.

GM: This means that one of your primary motivations,in town, at the keep, and questing will be to locate magical scrolls to enter into your spellbook. Although Gygaxia is a very magical land, magical scrolls are still somewhat rare, and very much worth more than their weight in gold. Your future success will be on locating scrolls early and often.

2. You start with the maximum hit points for your hit die (d4=4) at Level 1. Every succeeding level, you’ll have to roll for your additional HP. This is the best I can do.

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Magic User

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