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We will collect all the various historical facts and figures of the World of Gygaxia here.

The World of Gygaxia

The Encyclopedia Geographicais a very much in-progress key to the lands of Gygaxia.

The Chronologicus Encyclopedia shows how time is tracked in the land.

TheCelestial Encyclopedia, an incomplete list of Gygaxia’s past and current Gods.

Gygaxian Physics
The Character Creation Page lists Gygaxia’s Character Creation rules.
Confused about a rule? You might find it on the Quick Rules Page.

The People of Gygaxia
Current Characters (PCs) in Gygaxia:
  • Null Pa-trice – Human Cleric of Einlein
  • Josephine – Human Paladin of Cislew
  • Ignatus – Human Bard (fighter)
  • Ghyselbrecht – Half-Elf Thief/Magic User
  • Magdaleine – Gnome Fighter/Thief
  • HaQaRa – Half-Elf Ranger/Cleric
    NPCs can be found under the tab NPC tracker.

Gygaxian Adventures Browse the brief introduction to our first adventure in Travel to the Keep. Feel free to peruse the Notes on the Campaign page.

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